Watch Sherlock New Year’s Special 2017 Full Season 4 Episode 1 Online Free

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The partnership of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson faces its greatest test as their iron bond looks like it could be sundered for ever.

Yet The Six Thatchers (writer Mark Gatiss’s take on The Adventure of the Six Napoleons) starts in the most playful, even carefree way. Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) is as high as a kite after his bender on the plane at the end of the last series.

He’s even taken to tweeting and is as intellectually restless as we have ever known him. Meanwhile, his affable chronicler John Watson and wife Mary (Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington) are rooted in happy domesticity as new parents.

But the clouds are gathering as the tight little group is drawn into the mystery of why someone is smashing busts of Margaret Thatcher. Everyone rises to the demands of a gripping, brutal story that leaves Sherlock (and Cumberbatch is at his finest and most mature) lost in the abyss. Gripping.


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